3 Women And A Baby

09th July 2012
How do you think we fit this?
Not sure, we’d better do it now before going to get Dennis.
Does the seatbelt go through here?
Looks like it.
Pass the strap through.
Have you got it?
Yes, now pull that strap back towards you.
That’s it. We’ve done it!

You’d think a Gadget Guru and her able assistant would have no trouble fitting a baby seat in a car wouldn’t you? I have to confess though, it did initially challenge Suzi and I, but we managed to fit the baby seat that was to transport Matilda from the airport to our weekend retreat in France without too many dramas. And after initial protestations, Matilda gave the seat her seal of approval.

She and the largest suitcase in the world (packed with food, toys and furniture) were bundled into the car after hugs and hellos at the airport. Then we were off, pootling along while singing the tune to the Renault Clio advert which featured Nicole? Papa! You know the one: doo doo doo doo do do do do, do do do do doooo dooo. Do do do do dooo, etc and apologies for overseas readers who have no idea what I'm talking about. Because of course, everyone else recognizes this tune!

We survived the hairpin bends and my singing and arrived at our perfect holiday home. The next challenge was for Dennis and Suzi to erect the bouncing baby seat. That done (it took a while) we rewarded ourselves with some French hospitality. Suzi having found a bottle of wine with Dennis' name on it.

Indeed and unsurprisingly, Suzi was on fire as hostess:

I woke up to see the sun shining through the white linen curtains. Do those of you who live in the UK remember what that looks and feels like? I'll tell you. It feels amazing. Especially if you're solar powered like me. Of course, the heat would have been unbearable without a pool, but lucky for us, Chez Perry has everything.

So thanks for a great weekend Suzi, Dennis and Matilda. The sunshine and surroundings were beautiful but catching up and chatting for 3 days was priceless.