Royal Flypast

16th June 2013
Those of you that know me, know that I like to do things properly, so it won't surprise you to hear that I organised a Royal Flypast to mark my Goddaughter's first visit. Matilda and Dennis arrived in time for a nice cup of tea and unwind after the journey. Then they helped prepare for lunch and the arrival of Mr and Mrs Watts. Lunch was a relaxed affair with Matilda at the head of the table, Mum regaling stories of brain tumours and toe operations and Dad in charge of the cutting and chopping duties:
"Please could you slice me some of that Wensleydale and blueberry (limited edition) cheese Alex?"

"Please could I have another slice of the tiger bread (freshly baked) Alex?"

"Ooh, I'll have some of that cheese please Dad."

Of course, none of my guests had any idea about what was to come.

Dad had retired to the sofa with his strawberries and cream. Dennis was enjoying her fruit cake (Marks and Sparks' special) and Matilda was tucking into a strawberry (healthy option without the cream) when I heard the rumblings. Not of food poisoned stomachs, but low flying aircraft. I grabbed Matilda and ran outside, Mum hot on our heels. And there they were, graceful and fearsome all at the same time, fighter jets, a Lancaster Bomber and the Red Arrows all flying over my house.

We waved at all of the pilots, warming them up for Betty on her Balcony. I think we did a good job because when we ran inside and turned the TV on (it takes 5 minutes to warm up because it's on eco setting) the Queen looked jolly happy as the Flypast continued over Buckingham Palace.