The Chespys are back

04th November 2014
Remember the Chespys? You know, my crazy Australian family who fit in a day's activity before breakfast? Well, they're back. Or rather, I'm back in Sydney. With the Chespys. All five of them. You already know Anita, Adrian, Kai and Asher, brace yourselves, there's a fifth.

Meet Cleo.

Cleo is trouble with a capital T, capital R, capital O, capital U, capital B, capital L, capital E and she's ramped up the crazy levels in the household.

For example: The boys were showing off their swimming, diving and surfing skills in the pool, Cleo was walking around the edge of the pool and Chilli the chocolate labrador was taking the occasional dip to cool off. Adrian and I were enjoying the sunshine and keeping a watchful eye.

On one of her laps around the edge of the pool, Cleo stopped in front of me and having removed her nappy, squatted down and pooed right in front of me. It's the little whimper that accompanied the action that's most memorable. Being a responsible adult, I headed down to the house to get some tissue for the clean up operation. When I returned to the scene of the crime, Adrian was standing guard over Cleo's little offering. I asked why. The reply: "because Chilli would've eaten it."

They have taken it to another level these Chespys.

Talking of Chilli eating things, the kids were all playing in the lounge when we heard Asher's dismay: "Chilli's chewed up a dragonfly and spat it out on the rug." Followed by Kai's perfect comic timing: "And Cleo's stepped in it."

See. Another level.